Welcome to Hide in the Sound. If you’re a vinyl enthusiast looking for an upgrade to your existing platter mat, you’ve come to the right place!

Are you tired of your felt mat serving as a dust trap?  Is the static electric buildup on your cork mat causing unwanted clicks and pops during playback? Static electric charge is generated during the handling and playing of your vinyl records, and felt and cork mats accumulate that static charge, which attracts dust and transfers it to your vinyl records. Static charge can also result in the annoying habit of causing the mat to stick to your LPs when you lift an LP off of your turntable.  If you’ve paid good money for a nice solid aluminum or acrylic platter turntable, why has the manufacturer decided to provide you with a felt platter mat? Or if you’ve upgraded your turntable with a glass or acrylic platter, why use a felt mat and create dust and static issues when there is no need for it? If your rig has a standard, cast aluminum platter, definitely consider upgrading from the rubber or felt mat it probably came with.

Taking a cue from Acoustic Solid, a very high-end turntable manufacturer that is apparently aware of the static and dust issues, I began experimenting with genuine cowhide leather in various thicknesses as a platter mat material.  I immediately discovered that leather platter mats do not collect static charge, and therefore do not attract dust. I also noticed that the leather dampens turntable vibrations without smearing the frequency response that my cartridge/tone arm/platter unit has been designed to capture and transmit.

I have designed each LP leather platter mat to a thickness of approximately 1.5 mm (~1/16″) and a diameter of 292 mm (11.5”), which ensures full support of the LP’s playing surface, while still allowing a small margin of space around the edge of the LP (i.e., the groove guard) so the LP can easily be lifted from the platter without disturbing the platter mat. The spindle hole is cut to 7.94 mm (5/16″), which will fit all standard spindles. Each mat is cut with a steel rule die to the precise dimensions specified above.

I am currently offering two types of leather platter mats. The Split mats feature a smooth side and a rougher, suede side. Either side can be placed down, in contact with your platter, for a firm grip and zero slippage. You can try the mat in both configurations and decide which you prefer. The Suede mats have two, identical suede sides.

If the color or design you are interested in has sold out or isn’t currently in my inventory, feel free to contact me with a request for a custom color, size, or type of mat. There is no extra charge, but it may take a couple weeks to get the order out to you. Thanks for visiting us, and please have a look at our platter mat details page to see the various types and sizes of mats, or check out our current  inventory of leather platter mats in our shop.

I have recently made a business agreement with Acoustic Sounds, Inc. to sell Hide in the Sound leather mats along with the rest of their excellent selection of other audiophile equipment and vinyl records. If you are going to be ordering some vinyl accessories or records and you want to buy one of my mats as well, consider buying through Acoustic Sounds and you will probably save some money on shipping. I currently accept only PayPal for online orders. However, if you want to pay by cash or check, please email and we can make arrangements.

Enjoy your vinyl more than ever!